What brings us together…..

And just in case you may be thinking of the clergyman from Princess Bride (“Maw-wage, it’s whats bwings us to-gethah, to-day. This dweem within a dweem….”), no that’s not it.

I’m reflecting on the wonder of the “County Fair”. Not long after moving to the Charleston area, Sharon and I had the good fortune of receiving free passes to go to the annual Exchange Club Charleston County Fair. Actually, I guess it was because Sharon had worked on the SC Master Gardeners’ ‘Carolina Yard Demonstration’, so I have her to thank for it! It had been many years since my last true county fair visit, and found myself amazed at how many people still come out for these! In this day and age of XBOX, streaming video and an overload of other personal entertainment, I found it reassuring that people still get out and socialize in this manner.

There are still the groups of Gen-Xers that stand, huddled en mass texting and tweeting, with not so much as a whisper crossing their lips. A flying pig playing the trumpet could pass overhead and I doubt the texters would even notice. The majority though, walks hand in hand, talking and enjoying the evening and sharing a commonality at the fair. Occasional shrieks of delight come from youngsters playing games or spinning about on rides that the rest of us remember fondly. Sharon looks at me with the telepathic thought of “no, we are not going on the Whirl & Hurl” and I smile. The smell of freshly roasted corn calls to us like a siren song, pulling us around the bend, stomachs growling.

The experience adds yet another reason we are enjoying Charleston. Maybe next year I can convince Sharon to go with me on the Death Drop ride…. Maybe not ☺!

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