Reflecting on My First Shoot with Foxworthy Studios

Written by Katie Joiner

Starting with Foxworthy Studios in January of 2018, I can say that even though it’s the middle of the year, I have learned a lot of dos and don’ts in the photography industry. Coming from a TV/Film industry myself, and having the knowledge of how to properly light a subject helped with lighting photography subjects, but there was so much more for me to learn and experience from being a photographers assistant.

I took a little time to reflect this morning and found myself in the dark depths of our archives. I went all the way to 2014, which is something I do periodically to make sure we aren’t repeating ourselves with our content, make sure that I didn’t mess any awesome photos for our Social Media or our website, but that’s another blog.

Back to my reflecting moment, I came across the very first on location shoot that I assisted with Stan. It was for Kelsey Willey, who was running for Charleston Probate Judge. Now, I have PA’d (Production Assistant) in the past for video shoots, so I am use to schlepping around gear, fetching coffees, making endless amount of paper copies even though the production wants to be green, but this was different. I was responsible for a new piece of equipment that I was far from familiar with, the Profoto B2 attached to a painter pole with a tennis ball fashioned on the end, and a battery pack slung around my torso.

After ten minutes of Stan’s instructions it wasn’t so complicated, I knew where to stand, how high the light should be for the flash to be effective, how powerful it should be for daylight outside. I often think back to that first shoot and how I instantly starting learning and mimicking in my own personal photo shoots from just seeing how Stan talked to Kelsey, how he instructed her to stand, cross her legs, hold the packet of paper, tilt her head, eyes to me, chin to the left, etc. It was so much knowledge that if I wasn’t given this opportunity I would yes, maybe learn eventually from a Youtube video, or from doing a million or more video shoots, but this was information that unless I was assisting, I wouldn’t have learned.

Kelsey Willey, Esq. in front of her Downtown Charleston Law Office

I take pride in learning new things, having new experiences, and challenging myself to be the best I can be at everything I do. I continue to learn daily when it comes to photography, learn from my mistakes, take all the information I can from our shoots and improve my own creative depths of photography.




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